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Drash Pit, a monthly online journal, incites creators of all stripes to respond to a theme most often derived from an audacious interpretation of ancient text. Inspired by midrash, the heady idea slam that  illuminates Hebrew scripture, Drash Pit encourages its contributors to follow their own zigzagging route toward serving the prompt provided and the idea provoked. In words true, false or funny, in image and illustration, in song, in scene, with multimedia or meter we invite you to riff here.

Who & What We Are

Theme Work

The Drash Pit monthly theme lives on the Drash Meets Mosh page. Go there. Read. The ‘drash’ featured therein informs and elucidates the upcoming month’s theme. Let the topic wash over you until the urge to respond to it is larger than the desire to play 20 more games of Spider Solitaire. We can’t wait to see and hear from you.

Submit To Us

Artists of every ilk, you who are wildly important and you who are brilliantly unsung, give in to us. Submit. Massage our theme. Pummel our senses. Turn us into blissful mush. We like it hard and we like it soft. Just touch us.

Writers, let us know if you’re planning a submission beyond 500 words. Artists with format concerns, or other contributors in conflict, we’re here for you. You can submit and discuss your unwarranted bouts of anxiety by contacting neena@drashpit.com


Young. Old. Known. Not. Smart. Senseless. Profound. Peevish. Foreign. Fiendish. Religious. Godless. Grumpy. He. She. Ambivalent. You’re okay with us. Be a contributor or a subscriber at neena@drashpit.com

You Might Not Know

Spoken, drash rhymes with mosh or gosh. It is a shortened form of the Hebrew word midrash meaning commentary or interpretation. Within Judaism, teasing apart holy text is a revered tradition. To make an obscure or thin section of Torah comprehensible, fair and/or relevant midrash spinners alter endless variables of the original. Details are switched. Locales are reconfigured. Meanings are assigned and reneged upon, all to create, or recreate a story that sticks. It is this ‘drashing’  tradition that defines Drash Pit.

FYI - Torah refers to the first five books of the Hebrew Bible. Torah portions are sections of the Hebrew bible read and remarked upon each week.

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